5 Green Product Reviews: My Kinda Style, Essentials, Born Free, Best eReader for Kids

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1. My Kinda Style

Too often children’s apparel is filled with messages that are either too commercial or insulting. Take for example JC Penney’s ”I’m too pretty to do math”.  Our children’s clothing sends a message that can negatively influence their self-esteem, even in jest.

My Kinda Style offers unique, organic clothing for babies and kids with graphic, inspiration messages.

My Kinda Style is a new Oklahoma based T-shirt  company that is about providing babies and  kids with clothing that’s as comfortable and cute to them as the skin they’re in. The company’s graphic T-shirts offer hip, witty, and inspirational messages and images that make kids feel great and are pleasing to parent’s too because it’s also high quality, eco-friendly apparel at an affordable price.

Shayla Mackey is the creative force behind My Kinda Style.   The company was inspired by her daughter and her love for art and fashion. And, because Mackey is also passionate about using her business to give back to communities, she launched a section on the website where people can email her to send their nomination for a deserving person or child ‘in need’ who the company can reward, now and more often as the company continues to grow.

We were sent two samples of this super soft, organic clothing:

  • Little Blessing: “Little Blessing design is printed on our 100% pima cotton onesie using eco-friendly water based inks. Makes the perfect baby or shower gift!”
  • Lil Chick: “The lil chick tee is a cute tee for both boys and girls. it is printed o our Eco-Tee which is made from an earth friendly mixture of ORGANIC COTTON, RECYCLED POLYESTER RAYON mined from the CELL WALLS OF PLANTS.”

Would I buy these products?  Yes!  They are all on sale for 50% off.  Most items are only $10!  My only concern is neither of the items we were sent actually say “organic” on the label.

2. Stanley Home Products Essential All Purpose Creme

Here comes winter and with it, winter skin!  From the constant handwashing I do to stay healthy working at a school, to the dryness that ensues from colder temperatures and woodstove heat, finding relief can be challenging.

Beeswax can offer relief, and Stanley Home Products Essential All Purpose Creme takes advantage of this soothing ingredient. “ A classic formula of beeswax blended with rich emollients and moisturizers to cleanse, moisturize, and protect; the All Purpose Creme helps soothe tired skin and preserve a youthful touch.”

This product is made in the USA.

There are ingredients of concern, however, as identified by the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database.  This product itself has not been rated by EWG.

Triethanolamine:  Hazard score 5

Diazolidinyl Urea:  Hazard score 5

Methylparaben:  Hazard score 5

Propylparaben:  Hazard score 5

Our product sample came shipped in a styrofoam peanuts, which doesn’t bode well for the company’s green record.

Would I buy this product?  No.

3. Born Free Eco Classic Active Flow baby bottle

Thank goodness BPA-free options exist for parents who are unable to breastfeed or need to use a bottle for when Momma’s breasts are away.  Born Free has been the leader in providing safer plastics, and their Eco Classic Active Flow baby bottle is no exception.

A smart way to feed your precious one, this twin pack of BornFree 9-ounce wide-neck bottles is free of the potentially harmful chemical Bisphenol-A. Now you can feed your baby safely, comfortably, and worry free. BornFree is made of Polyamide, a special plastic that is Bisphenol-A free and more resistant to detergents. This bottle also features a revolutionary venting system, which helps reduce colic symptoms and the risk of middle ear infections. The unique inner valve prevents side leaks and allows you shake freely when mixing. Additionally, each bottle comes with a soft, gentle stage-one nipple that prevents hard suckling and does not collapse. This two-pack is dishwasher safe (top rack) and comes with a high-grade stage-one nipple and travel cover.

Even though I commend Born Free for being BPA and phthalate-free, I still think glass is best.  If I had to use a baby bottle, I think I would chose one by Lifefactory.

Would I buy this product?  No. It does not fit into my attempts to live a plastic-free life, or at least limit my families exposure as much as possible.

4. Kindle eReader for Kids

I have to admit, I was an eReader skeptic, I guess I still am when it comes to myself. I just can’t give up the paper and print of a book.  My ten-year-old daughter, however, is an eReader lover!

We’ve tried out the Apple iPad and the Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader .  If you are looking for a great eReader for your kids, the Kindle is my recommendation.

Our Nook experience was disastrous, and many readers suspect we were given lemons (two of them), it was our fault for not buying an extended warranty, or that my daughter abused the device.  I can assure you the last accusation is not true, but mostly I would not buy a Nook because of Barnes and Noble’s customer service.

We love our iPad, but it is so much more than an eReader that it never gets used as one. For my son with childhood apraxia of speech, the iPad is a godsend!

The Kindle is a trustworthy device perfect for kids.  It encourages reading, and yes, I have decided it truly is green for all of the paper my daughter has saved by reading digital books. The battery lasts forever,which is also a great trait for children.  It is a sturdy, time-tested device!  Our Kindle is bug-free, and we have never needed to call customer service.

The Kindle is a great deal right now!  The basic model is only $79!  If my daughter didn’t already have one, she would be getting one this holiday season.

An eReader is a gift that grows with a child, unless you buy Vtech – V.Reader Animated E-Book or  LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Pink).  These are more toys than eReaders, and kids don’t need all of the flash.  As children’s reading abilities expand, so does their Kindle.  Furthermore, Amazon now offers a free lending library.  eReaders are limitless, and in our family’s experience, encourage avid reading!

Image credit:   Some rights reserved by kodomut

5. Munchkin 12 Ounce Mighty Grip Toddler Sports Bottle and Munchkin Cloth Snack Bags

Packing your child’s school lunch is the most effective method for ensuring they eat healthy food while at school; however, often these lunches are full of plastic bags and plastic containers.  Munchkin has some solutions to this toxic packaging.

Munchkin Cloth Snack Bags: These cloth bags are really cool! We have reviewed other cloth bags that close with velcro closure and were handmade, but I do prefer the zippers on these bags. They can be thrown in the washing machine, and they avoid the use of ziplock bags in home packed lunches.  Plus, I love the prints!

These eco-friendly reusable fabric bags are perfect for packing everything from snacks to pacifiers. Made with a water-repellent lining and machine washable material, they are durable and easy to clean. (3 per pack)

The only drawback to this product is it is made in China.

Munchkin 12 Ounce Mighty Grip Toddler Sports Bottle:

The toddler sport bottle is designed for bigger kids who want to look like mom and dad. These fun colored bottles are easy to hold also feature a kid safe clip. Top rack dishwasher safe and BPA free – and if it should drop you wont need a mop! It is spill-proof and leak-proof for no mess drinking.

Would I buy these products? Absolutely yes on the snack bags. They only cost $7 for three bags, and they are super handy. I would not buy the plastic sport bottle; however, as I don’t trust any plastic anymore. BPA-free is not much assurance whens safer options exist, like stainless steel or glass.

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