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HP DreamColor Z24x G2 Release Date, Price and Specs


When you want a color-critical display without spending a ton of money, this HP monitor is worth a look.


Looking to pick up a pro-color-quality display at a price south of $1,000? HP has revved its cheapest DreamColor, the 24-inch DreamColor Z24x to G2.

The update is very minor — the specifications are identical with the exception of brightness, which dropped from 350 nits to 300 nits. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive color-critical display, it’s worth knowing this exists. And you can find the three-year-old model for less than $450 (£462), so you could pick one up even cheaper if you go for the last generation. Except in Australia, where it’s AU$1,071.

When the DreamColor Z24x G2 ships in July it will cost $559 in the US. I don’t yet have pricing or availability for other regions, but the US price converts to approximately £467 and AU$795.

Key specifications

The most important thing to note is that it’s not a true 10-bit panel; like many less-expensive monitors, the Z24x uses an 8-bit panel and use FRC — frame-rate control — to interpolate colors between screen-refresh frames and deliver the appearance of a bigger gamut, but might cause some flicker. But it does have hardware profiles, so at least for color-critical sRGB it’s a step up.

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