Homefront Review Round Up

homefront review Homefront Review Round Up

Touted by Kaos Studios as being an innovative game within a genre of sequels, Homefront seeks to avoid being a replicated product and stand on solid gameplay mechanics alone, but can the self-proclaimed “smaller” studio work magic in a Call of Duty-induced audience?

Homefront is based off a collaboration with Hollywood director and screenwriter John Milius known for his work on the Hunt for Red October and Red Dawn. Fittingly, the story in Homefront is an invasion of a united Asian assault led by a unified Korean nation.

After a brief introduction into the world of Homefront, players take on the role of a freedom fighter that becomes an integral part of the American resistance. It becomes the mission of the player to assist the freedom fighters and regain American independence.


“Happily, there is a gigantic medley of weapons with which to dispense of these amoral assailants. The difference in weight, kickback and audio between each is very impressive, with no two guns feeling the same – but you won’t be able to get used to a favourite for very long.” [Computerandvideogames]

“Where the game falls down is in its pacing and level design. There are some fun set pieces (a high school football stadium, the site of a jetliner crash, a Hooters), but they aren’t strung together in a way that feels cohesive and none of the levels reach any substantial climax other than “‘time for the next mission.’” [EscapistMagazine]


“Online matches are similar to the Battlefield games — vehicle combat with an emphasis on infantry fighting. Things get more tactical when you’re given the use of tools like remote-controlled flying drones, ground-based attack drones, and missile strikes.” [1up]

“Everything you do has “Battle Points” (or BP) associated with it, which is used to level your character up, as well as to unlock new weapons and the like. BP can even be spent mid-battle to give your character a flak vest, an RPG, or a number of other items. When you combine all of this with the in-game multiplayer-centric Challenges, you’ll find that multiplayer in Homefront is quite deep.” [IGN]

Technical Issues

“Characters glitch into each other, scenery snags and the frame rate wheezes during larger set-piece battles. It’s certainly not terrible, but as with high-end racing games, the FPS genre is no place for visual slouching.” [Eurogamer]

“How about getting stuck on an invisible wall as you try to crawl underneath a fence, only to realize you need to stand up and move aside so your partners can go first? This kind of sloppy design feels less like something you’d see in a triple-A game from a major publisher such as THQ, and more like something you’d expect from a budget PlayStation 2 title.” [Destructoid]


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Do you have any interest in this game? What is your opinion on it?


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