Product Review: Podium Legs — Air Compression Pants

It’s Like a Salon Massage Chair for Your Legs

PRODUCT FEATURES, DESCRIPTION INNER WORKINGSThe Podium Legs air compression pants are used to accelerate muscle leg recovery. The equipment comes with a batteries-included remote control; two sleeve cuffs that accommodate larger leg sizes; and an air compression machine.

How does it work? After fitting both legs into thigh-high cuffs, just sit on a flat surface of a bed, floor or couch and let the technology do the work. The leg cuffs have hoses that connect the two to the air compressor. Once the compressor is turned on, each of the four air chambers in each leg cuff fill up with air in sequence, gradually compressing each muscle group in the legs and feet and then repeating. Having the compression in this sequence increases circulation and flushes lactic acid from a user’s legs after a tough workout or standing for long periods.

The user may select from different cycles of 15 minutes each, with multiple power levels and point massage options for problem areas.

The product is ideal for anyone who wants the flexibility of at-home leg recovery between visits to a massage or physical therapist. The product is ideal for runners, swimmers, triathletes, cyclists or any others who want to flush out their legs from long workouts or long hours on their feet.


The compressor has mode, point, auto and power settings.

The Podium Legs air compression pants have four settings:

Point setting: Podium Legs can target a specific muscle group with precision and accuracy. If users have one particular part of their legs that is bothering them then this is the setting to use.

Sequential setting: This setting will start at the foot, compress, move to the calf, compress, and go all the way up to the thigh. This is the best setting for general leg recovery.

Four Chamber Setting: This setting bombards both entire legs with pressure. If users have limited time between events, this is going to be the go-to setting. At this setting, the user gets the most recovery in the shortest amount of time.

Variable setting: This is a randomized setting. The pressure starts at the foot, then quad, then calf. Blood will be pushed around in the most variable way such that no one muscle group is worked on too much.


Once fitted with the leg cuffs and plugged into the compression device, I turned the machine on and immediately felt a slight tightening around each leg as the cuffs began to fill with air. I began with the lowest power then gradually increased it for additional pressure on the legs.
On my first try I went through every setting to get a feel for the leg cuff and pressure settings.

Once I got a sense of what my legs needed, I then elected to use the sequential setting after a 60- minute roller rider. Compression started from the feet, went all the way up the leg, and not only felt really good but felt that it was flushing out the toxins as well. I used it for 60 minutes.

On my second try, I used the pants on my rest day and elected the four chambers setting because I wanted to experience the pressure bombardment that the literature described. This setting lived up to the description, provided pressure to both entire legs, and gave me the most amount of recovery in the shortest amount of time. This setting could be ideal for runners, stage racers, multi-sport athletes or those who are running on a tight schedule.

For my third try, I used it immediately following a 45-minute run. This time I elected to go with the point setting because I was experiencing a tight right calf muscle and wanted to focus on that area with precision. After 15 minutes I moved to the variable setting to offset the feeling and to ensure that each muscle got a little work. I was pleasantly surprised to feel as if I had a real person kneading into my calf; the higher the power setting, the more pressure was put on the muscle. Personally I liked this setting the best because I wanted the kink worked out of my calf. This setting really addressed the muscle area well and I was feeling like a champ the following day. Be warned, however, that you may feel much more muscle pressure on this setting, so unless you have experienced a pressure point massage then this setting is not for you just yet. My calf was real tight so I did feel a little pain to the pressure at setting number three.


The product can be purchased direct from the supplier by visiting Podium Cycling.


The leg cuffs are a one size fits all sizing for adults and come with a cuff extender to accommodate larger legs.



Some may argue that the $599.95 is expensive, but the price could be justified. For example, in the Chicago market, the average cost for a massage is $60-$65 per hour, which translates to about 9-10 visits to a therapist. Users should weigh the cost to benefits in their own markets.

I really did not experience any adverse reaction from using this equipment and have no criticisms of the product other than to report that the air compressor is a bit noisy.


(1) An individual does not have to make an appointment with a professional, thus experiencing the joys of a live-in massage or physical therapist.

(2) Using the equipment is a quick study. A massage can be enjoyed in a manner of minutes after getting into the leg sleeves, plugging in the machine, and using the remote control to set the modes that would best address the leg areas.

(3) The equipment is portable and maybe used anywhere, but, if users are flying, they may want to allow extra time for going through airport security.

(4) This product could improve an athlete’s lifestyle in that it allows the legs to recover much quicker than waiting for a massage.


In the long run, a Podium Legs purchaser could enjoy years of massage for a fraction of the price of visiting a professional for a few hours. The equipment may also be used in between sessions to complement current massage work.

The Podium Legs Air Compression Pants can be used for as long as one can tolerate the pressure on the legs. The benefits of using the compression pants can be felt as soon as the next day as the legs begin to feel better with no visible tightness.

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Images provided by Podium Cycling

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, courtesy of Podium Cycling, and all opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way, nor am I a Podium Cycling employee, distributor or retailer of their products, or anyone else who might be obligated to provide positive reviews. Some information in this review was taken from the company’s website.

About the author: About the author: An experienced racer, Imelda March lives in Chicago and is a member of Team Kenda. She is a frequent contributor to The Daily Peloton Cycling News team, reporting on women’s cycling news and general peloton ramblings. She also holds an MBA, is a marketing strategy expert, and is a social media team member/contributor to the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association.

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