Get to Know the Leading Italian Furniture Brands

italian furniture brands

Italian furniture has long been a bastion in the luxury furniture industry, revered for its expert craftsmanship and blend of modern aesthetics with quality production. The list of respected Italian furniture brands is long and diverse, though if you are in Thailand and looking for the best furniture available, here are some of the brands to be on the lookout for.



Blending artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary designs, Calligaris designs stylish and functional home furnishings. The quiet elegance of Calligaris furniture defines the brand’s philosophy of prioritizing function and performance over opulence; you won’t find any grand, ornate pieces in their catalog. 

Since 1923, Calligaris has been well-known for designing bold and well-crafted furniture.  Its success has seen it expand into over one hundred countries, bringing quality, contemporary Italian designs around the world.  In addition to furniture, Calligaris’ designs rugs, lamps, and accents that complement the more stately pieces.



Cassina’s unique approach to designing furniture involves combining elements of the past and present to create pieces that would feel at home in any era. While many of their armchairs and sofa ooze a 1960’s vibe, when paired with modern accompanying furniture, they complement each other naturally.  

Chic designs and strong use of leather make Cassina stand as one of the most luxurious Italian furniture brands. Accenting a room with a Cassina will do wonders for the aesthetic.



For more than 120 years, Giorgetti has been paving the way for contemporary furniture design. Their unmistakable designs typically include intricate woodwork that harmoniously accent their chosen patterns and designs. The use of natural color palettes adds a soft and subtle caché to the contemporary offerings, blending in nicely with naturally lit rooms.


These are just a few of the luxury Italian furniture brands available in Thailand that any decorator or homeowner should be familiar with. Being synonymous with quality and precision, Italian furniture is worth the investment and will last a lifetime.