Top 5 Secret & Quiet Beach in Phuket

Where are the secret and quiet beach in Phuket?

Believe it or not, there are still some secret, quiet, hidden and beautiful beach spots to discover in Phuket. Today we are going to take you on an undercover mission to discover the very best ones. Imagine stepping back in time to discover pristine stretches of golden beach that were once – 30 years ago! – complete empty. Of course, some of them are exceptionally hard to find; but most are lying right under the noses of an unsuspecting tourist crowd. Be forewarned that many of the beaches on this list don’t have beach chairs or vendors, they are quite rustic. But you should not have too much trouble finding a local restaurant or bar within the immediate vicinity. So, without further ado, let’s discover the best place on the island to lay down your beach towel.

Quite beach



Peace Level: Fantastic
Access: Difficult – via boat or hidden path
Sand Condition: Great
Swimming Condition: Great
Beach Facilities: One small restaurant perched atop the cliff


Peace Level: Perfect
Access: Effortless (albeit very remote)
Sand Condition: Excellent
Swimming Condition: Good
Beach Facilities: Two excellent local restaurants in bamboo huts


Peace Level:Perfect
Access: Accessible via boat during peak season (Nov-Feb)
Sand Condition: Incredible
Swimming Condition: Fantastic
Beach Facilities: A few local eateries and beach chairs


Peace Level: Good (downgraded to ‘acceptable’ during peak season)
Access: Difficult – with steep slope access
Sand Condition: Great
Swimming Condition: Great
Beach Facilities: Local restaurant, beach chairs and very basic toilet behind a rock

Peace Level: Serene
Access: Easy
Sand Condition: Decent
Swimming Condition: Good
Beach Facilities: Many small restaurants

We hope this list has filled you with wanderlust to discover all the quiet beach in Phuket options worth knowing.