Top Reasons to Visit a Tea Room in Central Embassy, Bangkok

afternoon tea


Afternoon tea is a long-running tradition, dating back to the early 18th Century when it was used to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. From The Ritz in London to Sretsis Parlour tea room in Central Embassy, Bangkok, the custom remains an extremely popular pursuit across the world. But what is it precisely that draws people to the custom? If you’re not sure why people are so addicted to scones with lashings of jam and cream, mini cucumber sandwiches and lots of tea, read on to discover why afternoon tea is still so beloved.



Contrary to popular belief, high tea originated with the lower classes but was later adopted by the upper class. Much of the meal’s appeal can be attributed to its element of sophistication and refinery, particularly when partaken in a world-famous hotel or tea room with a good dose of pomp and circumstance. 



Gorging on a feast of mouth-watering cakes and pastries is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Nowadays, many venues are customising their menus with specialities, such as gluten-free scones, vegan pies and sugarless cakes. Even the tea has been modernised, and now a selection of herbal and fruit flavours is offered too. 



Whether it’s a baby shower, wedding anniversary, birthday celebration or just an excuse to get together with good friends, sharing a pot of tea and plate of scones is a special social occasion. A casual meeting in the afternoon provides the perfect occasion to share food, engage in conversation and enjoy good company.



Ever since it ‘trended’ with high-born ladies in the 1700s, afternoon tea has been highly fashionable. The ceremony of dressing up in one’s glad rags and heading out to the tea room in Central Embassy, Bangkok or any other hip venue around the globe for an afternoon of indulgence remains a popular form of entertainment for the style-conscious crowd.